Empty supermarket shelves, difficulty finding grocery delivery slots and unavailable chefs, have meant that nurseries who remained open for children of key workers, have had to improvise and turn to alternative suppliers to provide nutritious meals for the children.

At Ickle Pickles Day Nursery, we were able to speak with one of our parents who works at COOK in Sittingbourne, who supply wholesome meals for your freezer. They were quick to respond to our query and even provided us with a delivery the same day! The children really enjoyed their meal.

The next day we had a delivery of everything from lasagne to chicken tikka masala and a selection of puddings, fresh fruit and veg. COOK have been very helpful during this time we look forward to placing our next order with them.

A big thank you to our lovely parents and the team at COOK who have helped us keep our Ickle Pickles well-fed.