At Storal Learning, we value our employees and believe they are our most important resource. We also believe that by putting our people at the heart of everything we do, we are creating environments where our team feel valued and are empowered to provide the best possible care to our children.

Our mission is “to create nurturing environments where all children feel safe, loved, and inspired to learn”; and, we know that everyone who works for us has a passion for educating children and making sure they have the best possible start.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to have you join our team.

Life at Storal

Life at Storal

Learn why you should work for us

As a growing group, we are in a position to provide many opportunities for our staff to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Whether you choose to work within the nursery or our Central Support teams, we are committed to ensuring that the people who work for us are rewarded, challenged, recognised, and supported in all aspects of their careers.

Choose to join one of our teams and you will receive a welcome bonus of up to £500! This consists of £250 upon joining and an additional £250 when you pass probation (view terms and conditions here).

What’s important to us

Happy Staff = Happy Children

We believe in putting the child first, but we can’t do that without you.

Everyone is different. You always get the best out of children and staff by working with them as an individual. From day one we aim to get to know you as person, and encourage you to show off your personality during the nursery day.

Our approach to pay

Our approach to pay

We believe in rewarding our high performers with a competitive salary. That’s why every year we review your performance and pay, giving you the opportunity to increase your earnings.

In addition to our competitive salaries, employees have access to a range of benefits including performance and referral bonuses, annual leave increases and high street discounts. For a full list of our benefits check out our Employee Benefits Pack.

 Download the Storal Employee Benefits Pack

How we celebrate success

The highlight of our year is the annual Storal Awards, where we celebrate our achievements as a group and highlight individuals who embodied our Storal Behaviours and displayed exceptional growth .

Quality visit and Ofsted inspection bonuses are awarded to our Outstanding teams.

Get ready to grow with us

Get ready to grow with us

At Storal Learning, we actively encourage our team to invest in their Continuous Professional Development and offer all our staff members access to a range of free and/or subsidised training to support their professional growth and practice. 

Offering employees opportunities for professional growth and linking promotions to performance are such important parts of our value system. In 2021 we were delighted to internally promote 20 colleagues across Storal Learning, with another 7 colleagues able to demonstrate their readiness for more responsibility by acting-up.

Exceptional performers are invited to complete our Promotion Track programme which equips staff members with the knowledge and skills for the next level of their career. After completion, staff members go on to join the next level of the management team.

How we support your well-being and mental health

At Storal, we know that childcare can be a fulfilling but demanding job.

Introducing our dedicated Well-being Champions. Each nursery has a Well-Being Champion who actively plans and delivers initiatives for their nursery team.

How we support your well-being and mental health