About us

Storal Learning was born from the belief in the power of early years education. Numerous studies revealed the positive impact that high quality early years education can have on a child’s curiosity to learn as well as their cognitive, behavioural and social outcomes, in both the short and long term.

As a group, we harness the strengths of each nursery, share findings and encourage each setting to retain the innovative and imaginative spark that makes them special.

Young Minds, fighting for young people's mental health

Our chosen charity for 2020 is Young Minds charity.

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Our Philosophy

  • No Single Learning Approach is the Best

    Our nurseries are encouraged to adopt a mixture of learning approaches that suit their settings including Forest School and the Curiosity Approach

  • Each Child Deserves an Individual Learning Experience

    The right setting will nurture your child’s uniqueness and help them develop into a happy, confident individual

  • Our Staff are Our Greatest Resource

    In addition to offering regular training and professional development opportunities, we hold two inset days a year where our team are updated on research developments in the early years and how to implement it in every day practice

The Storal Learning family benefits from an extensive support system of experienced early years professionals who are all passionate about delivering the best possible care and education to children. This network allows us to transform the latest research into practical everyday activities by sharing ideas and best practice, all with the goal of continuously enhancing the quality of our provision.

Moreover, a growing group presents more opportunities for staff development and promotion. Ultimately, the quality of care and education will only ever be as good as the experience, knowledge, dedication and talent of our team.

  • Archway nursery
  • Honeytree nursery Bristol
  • Honeytree nursery Portishead
  • Hough Green nursery
  • Rocking Horse nursery
  • Swingboat Hermitage nursery
  • Tiggy Winkles nursery
  • Willow Tree nursery