Eat Better, Start Better

March 17, 2018
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At all Storal nurseries, food and nutrition have always been an important part of what we offer and teach the children (and the adults enjoy it too!). We have also recognised how important eating well in the early years is to children’s lifelong health and development.

We are always looking for great ways to provide a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet for the children in our care, but we know how tricky it can be to get that balance right, especially for those fussy eaters! So, why not try out a few of our recipe ideas:

Cut a shape, like a fish or an Easter Bunny, into a piece of bread. Decorate it using cream cheese/peanut butter and fresh fruit like strawberries or dried fruit! Get the children involved and excited about eating what they have made.

To get your child eating more vegetables, why not try whizzing them up into a delicious, tomato-based sauce and mixing it with pasta or gnocchi? For children who struggle with lumps of vegetables, this is an ideal way to get them trying new things in a non-intimidating way.

Make your own fruit kebabs! You could even cut the fruit into exciting shapes like stars and drizzle a little dark chocolate on it to make it more enticing. Children will be much more interesting in eating their creations if they have been actively involved and can see you enjoying it too.

Eating should be a fun and enjoyable experience! If you are ever concerned about your child’s eating, please don’t hesitate to come in a speak with us or our in house nursery chef.

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