Shake it!

October 16, 2017
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Music and movement are natural to us all and children love to explore music through physical action. Even our smallest babies start to wiggle and jiggle when they can hear music!

Recently, we have been exploring how we use music and movement in the nursery to contribute towards the children’s development, as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Music and dance can contribute towards children’s physical development, developing their gross motor skills as children move with more confidence and control, and encouraging awareness of their bodies and a sense of rhythm. Fine motor skills can also be encouraged through the use of instruments and materials to bang and shake to the rhythm of the music! Let’s not forget, also, that music can be an emotive experience that can stimulate and motivate children to get exercising and enjoy it in the process!

As adults, we can be self-conscious and forget to enjoy the physicality of music. Dance can be a wonderful opportunity to quieten these internal monologues and challenge cultural and gender stereotypes for young children. Why not try this at home as do we at nursery – play music, have fun and let the children explore with sound and movement!

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